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We all know that the nervous system controls the function of everything in our bodies, but have you stopped to think about what kind of benefits this means an adjustment can bring us?  Yes, it absolutely helps with pain, headaches, boosting the immune system, digestion, etc, but there is so much more!  It can even help with our brain-body coordination or proprioception.

Our bodies work on a very complex neurological system that is made up of a series of neurological feedback “loops”.   Your brain sends the message out, then your body responds and sends a message back to your brain.  When the brain is sending signals out to the organs, tissues, and muscles it is called an efferent pathway.  These are the ones we think most about being benefited by an adjustment.  However, the muscles, skin, joint and organ receptors are also sending information back to the brain.  This is called afferent nerve flow.  Our proprioception, or body awareness, is also greatly benefited by getting adjusted.

All too often we blame getting “clumsy” or uncoordinated on aging.  We also hear the excuse “I’m not coordinated enough” to do some sort of exercise or activity.  Just think, with EVERY adjustment you are boosting your brain-body coordination.  Thats right, adjustments help us with body awareness, making us more coordinated!! This is why so many of our professional and olympic athletes turn to chiropractic treatment while they are training.  So while you are getting adjusted, keep trying new activities.  You might just find that things start to get easier when your brain and body can properly communicate.

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