Dr. Autumn is highly recommended. She is caring and treats me like an important person. She seems to remember everything about me without looking at her files. She is able to adjust my neck when no other chiropractors can move it ( due to high tension). My whole family is now seeing her. Other chiropractors that I have seen ( and I have seen many) seem to have an assembly line approach; however at Dr. Autumn’s, I feel treated like I am important. She works on my adjustments, needling, and a ticklish tool for my plantar fasciatis.

- Mary Ann

I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Have tried two different medications and months of physical therapy. Someone suggested I try dry needling which I had never heard of before. I have had more relief from Autumn’s dry needling than I have had from anything else. I highly recommend trying it.

- Bekki P.

The earth is no longer spinning! Yay! Vertigo be gone! I’m so glad when one of my family members has an issue we run to our fav chiro first to see if she can help instead of turning to primary care dr.’s who first response is usually meds. (And yes, I know sometimes meds is all that will help but I’m glad that’s not my first option anymore) Thanks to Plexus (gut health..hello!!) and Dr. Autumn Blackburn we have had our healthiest year this past year.

- Kim C.

If you are looking for caring & effective chiropractic care, look no further. Dr Autumn is amazing!!

- Rick B.

“Love how she takes interest in all of you! Takes the time to really listen to how you are feeling and your concerns and then does what it takes within her power to help you deal with the issues. Very knowledgable and it shows in how she practices.”


- R. N.

I can now play multiple rounds of golf a week or even a day without discomfort. I’m driving the ball farther than I have in years. Dr. Autumn has helped me with my low back pain as well as my golfer’s elbow.

- Al F.

As a hair stylist I stand for several hours and will have constant back pain and aches. I felt like my back needed to be stretched and popped to relieve the pain. After a couple of sessions the pain was no longer constant and I could stand without feeling like I needed to twist my back or pop my neck for relief!

- Kristy M.

Dr. Blackburn helped diagnose me with an issue I didn’t realize I had and probably wouldn’t have realized I had for a long time. Thanks to her now we are working to correct the issue before it progressively worsens. I thank her for her inquisitive mind and her helpful soul.

- Emily N.

Dr. Autumn is a wonderful Doctor and GREAT with kids!! I have been taking my son (now 6 months) to see her since he was about 3 months old because he wasn’t sleeping good and was incredibly fussy, and as the mom of a 2 1/2 year old as well, I needed to get rest also. Now he is not only sleeping better, but taking regular naps and overall just a happy baby. The whole family is much happier!

- Stephanie H.