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Homemade Mayo

Even though I know it is a terrible thing, I am obsessed with dipping my food.  I don’t even discriminate against condiments; ranch, mayo, aioli, honey mustard, guacamole, you name it.  I know some of you are probably saying “oh my gosh, you’re a doctor!  I can’t believe you’re admitting this!”  Well, I’m human too!  So instead of torturing myself and pretending that I will NEVER EVER use spicy mayo (or insert any other delicious condiment here),  I have found a way to make my own!  Knowing where the ingredients are coming from and how much of each I am using, helps me to have healthier condiment options.

One of my favorite sayings is, “There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.”  So when I started my journey to creating the perfect condiments, I obviously looked for others that had done the same!  After looking through books and blogs galore,  I have found that the Whole 30 recipe is by far my favorite!  To keep things simple, and give credit where credit is due… I am attaching the link to this fabulous recipe!

The recipe was very easy for me to follow and I got it right the first try!  I do think having a Vitamix helped, but any blender should get the job done!  I also like to add things like garlic or sriracha to give the basic recipe an extra kick.  Have fun with it! I hope y’all enjoy this as much as I do!

Bon Appetit!

Dr. A

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